Best Coffee Shop/Tea Room in the East Midlands

Toasted Goods

  • £1.00Toast and Butter
  • £1.30Toast and Butter with Jam or Marmalade
  • £1.50Toasted Teacake

Baguettes or Sandwiches

  • £3.00Sausage
  • £3.00Bacon
  • £3.50Sausage and Bacon
  • £3.00Cheese
  • £3.00Ham
  • £3.00Tuna Mayo

Burgers — Served with Salad & Mayonnaise

  • £2.50Burger
  • £3.00Cheeseburger
  • £4.00Double Cheeseburger

Omelettes (Served Over Lunch Period)

  • £6.50For one filling


  • From £1.00Various cakes

Panini or Toasties

  • £4.00Mature Cheddar
  • £4.00Bacon and Mushroom
  • £4.00Sausage and Onion Chutney
  • £4.00Tuna and Mozzarella Melt
  • £4.00Ham and Mature Cheddar
  • £4.00Bacon and Brie
  • £4.00Mediterranean Veg and Goat's Cheese
  • £4.00Chicken and Sweetcorn
  • £4.00Spicy Chicken and Mozzarella
  • £4.50Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto
  • £4.50Brie and Cranberry
  • £4.50Chicken, Bacon and Mozzarella
  • £5.00Ham, Mature Cheddar and Pineapple


  • £6.50Tuna
  • £6.50Cheese
  • £6.50Ham
  • £6.50Chicken

Jacket Potatoes (Served Over Lunch Period)

  • £4.00For one filling

All extra fillings for everything above are 50p. Only food purchased here to be consumed on the premises. Some products may contain nuts.