Best Coffee Shop/Tea Room in the East Midlands

Hot Drinks

Regular Large
Cappuccino £1.80 £2.20
Luxurious mix of espresso, steamed and frothed milk with a dusting of chocolate.
Flat White £1.80 £2.20
Delicious mixture of espresso and steamed milk with little froth.
Latté £1.80 £2.20
Delicious mixture of espresso and steamed milk, crowned with a smooth layer of frothed milk.
Macchiato £1.80
A shot of espresso marked with froth.
Mocha £2.20
A wonderful fusion of espresso, steamed milk with a layer of chocolate sauce.
Café Bombon £1.80
A short invigorating shot of coffee sweetened with condensed milk.
Espresso con panna £1.80
"espresso with cream", whipped cream mingling with the bitterness of coffee
Americano £1.80
A shot of espresso mixed with hot water for a long black coffee.
Espresso £1.60
A short invigorating shot of coffee.
Hot Chocolate £1.80
With cream and marshmallows £2.20
Pot of Tea for One £1.50
Flavoured Tea £1.50
Babyccino £1.20
Warm and frothed milk

Cold Drinks

Regular Large
Cappuccino Cool £2.00
With cream and chocolate. £2.30
Schmoo Thick Milkshakes
Chocolate £1.50 £2.50
Strawberry £1.50 £2.50
Banana £1.50 £2.50
With cream and sprinkles £1.80 £2.80
Fizzy cold drinks from the fridge, sparkling Bottle Green drinks, water and fruit juices Various Prices